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The world of Elmaria was a realm created in a two week creative writing/worldbuilding camp session in Wofford Campus, Spartansburg, SC. With eleven campers and a teacher and his supah-cool assistant, the campers were able build an indepth conworld and create a series of cultures and species inside of that. This wiki was created to hold up both the world and connections created by the great two week program, called Shared Worlds. These pages will begin to flood with companies and lists of their products, plants and animals cultivated in the Fertile Eye, maps and drawings of the landmasses and species; hopefully soon a full-fledged world will be housed on this site. A viewer might want to begin here .

Latest activityEdit

  • edit Helena Blackwell
    edited by Kasia HelenaofVicaricorps diff
  • new page Ginoleo
    created by Fishoak
    New page: <imgplc-add-image> Gineoleo is a sheltered southern state, existing mostly in a large valley. Ginoleo, despite being ther most southern state,...
  • new page Runibia
    created by Fishoak
    New page: <imgplc-add-image> Runibia is a southern state on the east side of Elmaria, working as a large manufacturing powerhouse and harbor for...
  • edit Vinyarras
    edited by Fishoak diff
  • new page Vinyarras
    created by Fishoak
    New page: <imgplc-add-image> Vinyarras is a southern state and soy capital of the world. It also produces coffee, and lumber, and in recent years has...
  • edit Government (ICF)
    edited by Kasia HelenaofVicaricorps diff
    Edited the section: List of Council Members in the Great Boardroom:
  • edit Vicaricorp
    edited by Kasia HelenaofVicaricorps diff
  • new page Helena Blackwell
    created by Kasia HelenaofVicaricorps
    New page: Add a photoHelena Blackwell is currently the sole CEO of Vicaricorp and Minister of Health Sciences in the Great Boardroom. Initially, when she came...
  • discussion page Talk:Geography
    new comment by Fishoak
    Comment: None of what you said makes any sense. This makes no sense. You rarely respond of Facebook and never send back a document I sent you, you don't edit...
  • discussion page Talk:Geography
    new comment by Kasia HelenaofVicaricorps
    Comment: Anyone have any preferences as to where their states are besides me? Or are we not going to put that? And could Vicaricorp be near water please?

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